Gutter Guard Installers Southland | Otago

Gutter Guard installers Southland | Otago throughout the South Island.  GumLeaf™ also have experienced installers throughout the North Island.
Be sure to contact Rohan Rudd about gutters because he knows them inside out, back to front and upside down. As franchise holder for GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection NZ  Rohan has visited roofs far and wide.

Every roof is always different but all of them following the addition of GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection are left looking and working a whole lot better.

Since 2008 Rohan, having the inside gen on virtually every style of gutter, has laid over 25,000 meters of GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard.

His experienced installers operate throughout Southland, Otago, Canterbury and throughout the North Island.
GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection serves each weather situation equally well in the deep south.

GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection is designed to be applied to any-style guttering as an effective barrier against all that nature and weather can throw your way.

Things like leaves, twigs, debris, birds’ nests, rodents, hail and snow, all wreck havoc with your drainage – and your patience.
GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection overcomes every one of these issues by providing a sturdy, long- lasting and economical steel covering over your guttering which then let allows debris to roll right off – and stops rodents in their tracks.

Karl Hishon  (Gutter Guys South) is our experienced Gutter Guard protection installer for Southland and throughout the Otago region.

Karl has been a building and roofing expert for 25 years and of course he also knows his roofs and gutters. Karl has a personal experience with GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection when he was looking for a product that “ticked all the boxes” to fit to his own home where he has been living off grid and harvesting his own water for over 12 years. He spotted a brochure for GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection, contacted Rohan Rudd, fitted the product and was so impressed the rest is history. Karl now actively promotes and installs GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection systems throughout Southland and Otago.

Rohan Rudd, and the team at GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection are ready to take on new and wider frontiers, consulting with clients and providing the service that satisfies the GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection promise.

Gutter Guard installers Southland and Otago

Gumleaf™ Gutter Guard offers perfect protection on all roof types, including corrugated iron and tile

Gumleaf™ Gutter Guard offers perfect protection on all roof types, including corrugated iron and tile:
• Prevents birds nests, rats and mice, leaf, twig, and debris build-up
• Saves your gutters from collapsing under pressure
• Ensures rain flow consistently
• Creates a system allowing snow and hail to slide right off
• Is non-corrosive and rust-resistant
• Maintains and promotes water harvesting success
• Prevents flooding due to excess water in your guttering
• Aids in preventing insurance issues

Gutter Guard installers Southland and Otago

As the old saying goes, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.

Gutter Guard installers Southland | Otago

Rohan Rudd GumLeaf™ is on pretty good terms with the quirks and challenges that New Zealand guttering systems face. He’s seen a fair few in his time as an installer of GumLeaf Gutter Guard Protection.

Rohan has fixed many issues, and without a doubt there’s probably not a style he couldn’t improve on.  Those improvements are made easy and cost-effective with the application of GumLeaf Gutter Guard Protection. Its a performance-guaranteed product (15 years to be exact- not that youll need to call on the warranty) that has fast become a valuable extra to new and existing gutter systems throughout New Zealand.

Karl Hishon, GumLeaf gutter guard installer for the Southland and Otago regions, with 25 years building experience, he is also an experienced roofer. Karl will go the extra mile to make sure clients are 100% satisfied.

The GumLeaf Gutter Guard product itself is beyond exception. Made from galvanised steel mesh (tough as the screws
that attach it to your gutter) and able to withstand extreme temperatures, weights, and climates.

GumLeaf Gutter Guard Protection provides a practical and attractive solution to keep your guttering working as it should.
Rohan’s practice ensures you receive a GumLeaf product and service thats affordable and effective as a pest, leaf debris and all round weather protection for your guttering thats beyond compare.

Gutter Guard installers Southland and Otago


0800 486 532


Gutter Guard installers Southland and throughout the Otago region
Gutter Guard installers Southland and throughout the Otago region

GumLeaf Gutter Guard, sturdy, heavy-duty steel mined by market leader, BHP Bluescope Australia, (1851)

Sturdy, heavy-duty steel mined by market leader, BHP Bluescope Australia, (1851)
No powder coating required (unless in marine locale)
2.00mm at the raised aperture
0.55mm thick (same as roofing iron) at the lowest point
200mm x 1200mm pieces
Can withstand snow weight up to 600kg per metre
Heavy weight-resistant (will carry 600kg of snow per metre)
High zinc content (self-healing)
Flammability index of 0 as a result of testing by CSIRO
Strong, safe, tailored, and precise roof binding process
Compatible with all roofing types and materials

Gutter Guard roof protection Southland and throughout the Otago region
Gutter Guard roof protection Southland and throughout the Otago region

Gumleaf™ Gutter Guard Protection Southland Otago Regions

Gumleaf™ Gutter Guard Protection Southland, and the Otago Region. Finding a GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection product and service in the Southland and Otago region is a search that just became a whole lot simpler.
Rohan Rudd (Franchise Owner) and Karl Hishon, (Gutter Guys South) gutter guard installer, Builder and Roofer are both highly experienced and recognised as experts in their field. They are both proud to be offering this durable and stylish product as a residential or commercial gutter protection system. Great news for the  Southland and Otago region as we all know the weather in these regions can be extreme and unforgiving – and so is the impact on your guttering…..destructive. Having your guttering overflowing with unwanted debris prevents the natural flow of rainwater and when water has no suitable exit it tends to travel indoors. When leaves, pine needles or birds’ nests are pushed into your downspouts the resulting blockages cause deterioration and rust and your rain harvesting facility will slow to basically 0 or E for Empty

Cleaning out guttering is a job no one enjoys but what if your gutters had minimal need for this kind of maintenance from here on in? GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection has earned the respect from property owners all over New Zealand.

Rohan Rudd knows that respect is earnt and he has watched the
respect grow from the reputation GumLeaf™ has gathered since its invention in the new millennium.
GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection is laid by measuring and cutting correct lengths of colour-coordinated BHP Colourbond®. It is hand folded, screwed and glued under your tiles for a tile roof or under the corrugated iron for a steel roof.

Sound simple? That’s because it is – Rohan and his team are technical in their installation approach but are the first to admit that applying GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection isn’t rocket science. In fact, there’s plenty of DIY assistance available if you are keen to lay the product yourself (and have a head for heights) as the results will still speak for themselves.

Gutter Guard roof protection Southland
Gutter Guard roof protection Southland and Otago

Health and Safety/ Insurance

Health and Safety/ Insurance Gumleaf Gutter Guard Protection Southland Otago Regions. The team from GumLeaf Gutter Guard Protection, Southland and Otago region recommend fully that you look after your gutters. As the old saying goes prevention is better than cure and even Gen Z future homeowners should probably understand and follow through with that sound advice.
The reason to protect your home and your gutters is mostly to do with insurance. Your home is usually your biggest and most valuable asset and if insured correctly you would hope to be covered for any need that arises.

However, when it comes to the internal water damage caused by a leaky or ineffective gutter, please read the small print on your insurance document.

If that damage stems from neglecting to maintain your guttering you just may not be covered. Insurance clauses such as reasonable maintenance and repair and take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss occurring come into play and as a property owner your commitment to checking, maintaining and upgrading your guttering is well worth upholding.

The easiest way to circumnavigate this stress is by installing GumLeaf Gutter Guard Protection. GumLeaf provides a long-lasting and functional solution to keeping your gutters clear which minimises the chance of any damage caused when debris restrict water flow and it also allows snow to fall right off, not causing any build up.

During our installation process we are covered by $2,000,000 of liability insurance to protect your property and surrounds should an accident occur, and this is just one example of our commitment to following best practice standards as per WorkSafe’s Working at Height guidelines and the Health and Safety at Work Act, 2015, unit standard 15757 & AS: NZ 1891.4.2007.

Our team are also Site Safe certified and fully responsive to risk management when working on roofs, including safety controls to prevent falls from roofs and the correct use of safety equipment.

We look forward to talking to you about the enduring functional improvements that result when GumLeaf Gutter Guard Protection is installed saving you time, dollars and giving you peace of mind.


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Corrugated Roof Gutter Guard Installation:

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Tile Roof Gutter Guard Installation:

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Frequently asked questions

If you live in the Southland Otago region you might have a few
questions about GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection. We’ll try to help pre-empt and answer some of those here, as below, but please contact us anytime for further information:

Can I DIY GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection?
Yes you can, it’s available for purchase from Bunnings Warehouse, ITM, Placemakers or Mitre10 and we can sell the product to you directly for a competitive price.

Do you clean the gutters before installation?
Yes, all gutters, valleys and down-pipes need to cleaned fully before GumLeaf™ gutter protection is installed.

What is the product made of?
GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection is constructed from Australian-made BHP BlueScope Colorbond® steel.

Is GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection more durable in plastic, aluminium or steel?
The BHP BlueScope Steel we use is the best product for the best longevity and effectiveness. Plastics expand and contract, causing them to crack, bubble and most are highly flammable requiring more maintenance. Due to this we remove most
plastic guard within 5-6 years.

Can I match the colour to my roof?
Yes, it is available in most COLORSTEEL® or COLORBOND® colours, however, for tile roofs it is only available in Woodland Grey.

Does it look attractive?
Yes, it’s nicely coordinated with your roofline and from the ground it is invisible

Is the product expensive?
GumLeaf™’s pricing is very competitive. We purchase at cost from our suppliers in Australia and pass on this discount directly to our customers.

How long will it last?
GumLeaf™ offers a warranty of 15 years, but we expect the product to perform efficiently for well over 20 years’.

What about maintenance?
Once GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection is installed very little extra maintenance is required. We do recommend you occasionally remove the minimal amount of debris that may not have been blown off or washed off the gutter guard. Also flush out the
spouting via the trap doors installed at the opposite end to the downpipes, we install hatches to enable this to be done easily.

Will GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection save me time?
Without gutter protection you will have to spend time clearing your gutters to ensure your insurance clauses on ‘reasonable maintenance’ are upheld.

Frequently asked questions

Can GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection prevent insect infestations?
Insects such as mosquitos love stagnant water which is created by blocked gutters – it’s a breeding ground for them! So no standing water = no breeding insects.

Will GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection improve water flow?
Without blockages such as leaves, nests, and debris, rainwater is going to flow faster. If you rely on a rain tank as a water supply you’re in luck as the fast-moving water will also have fewer particulates and contaminants so better quality water.

Will GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection prevent overflows?
When a gutter gets blocked by debris it can cause water to start overflowing. An excess or overflow of water can damage the property foundation causing water to infiltrate your basement and cause staining on your siding. (See our section about

Will GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection prevent snow and hail from gathering?
Yes, both of these weather effects roll right off so water can continue to flow

Will GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection keep me and my home safer?
Cleaning gutters can be dangerous. Climbing up on a high ladder while reaching out to remove debris is risky without the proper gear and experience and injury can occur easily.

Will GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection improve my home’s resale value?
Most people looking to buy a home want one that requires minimal maintenance and has been well maintained. Negating the extra workload of cleaning and cleaning gutters, particularly on a multi-storied property, is a selling point for a new buyer.

Patents and Licenses?
Catlo Enterprises Pty. Ltd. are proprietors of Australian Patent Nos. 682964 and 714799 and Trademark Registration nos. 634306 and 721794 for Gutta-Arma and Gutta-Arma Leaf and Pest Shield respectively.
”GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection has been our Exclusive Licensee since May 2007 and the use of our Patents and trademarks by any other entity is an infringement of
our legal rights and is open to prosecution.
GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection has an Exclusive License Contract and is the only company in Australia legally entitled to manufacture and supply gutter guard products to our patented specifications. We can substantiate that they use BHP
BlueScope products exclusively and produce a top-quality product in accordance with our patented specifications.

We recommend their products to you.”
Stephen Lothian, Director
Catlo Enterprises Pty. Ltd
ABN 55 060 689 705.

Business Opportunities GumLeaf Gutter Guard Protection.

GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection Southland Otago and throughout New Zealand. The team at Gumleaf™ Gutter Guard Protection is always on the lookout for experienced new installers to come on board.
If the idea of becoming a GumLeaf™ Gutter Guard Protection franchisee appeals, why not give us a call. We wouldn’t be in the game ourselves if the work wasn’t well- remunerated and steady, and offering the opportunity of working with a product that is true to its claims.

You would be working with a company that is committed to following best-practice standards on every project which reflects our commitment to the highly reputable and well-respected Gumleaf™ franchise, and we understand we are not only responsible to our clients, but also our fellow franchisees.
Becoming a preferred installer is easy and also cost effective, as there is no licence fee. You will need to have a head for heights but aside from that only basic equipment, insurances, and a good business plan are all that is required.

As a Gumleaf™ Gutter Guard installer you will receive these benefits:
• An opportunity to build your own business
• Involvement with a superior product (Gumleaf™ Gutter Guard Protection)
• Associating with a successful and highly respected franchise
• Promoting and installing a product and system that out-matches competitors
• The assurance that you are working with a product that is top-notch in strength, durability, weather resistance, weight-bearing, and overall effectiveness
• An opportunity to earn a good income
• The satisfaction of being part of a franchise that helps to protect your clients biggest investment (their home)
• Best Practice standards and ethics
• Ongoing franchise support
• Engineering report available
• Please phone Rohan Rudd on 0800 GUMLEAF (0800 486 532) for further information about this exciting opportunity.



Hi Rohan, I’ve just been up on the roof as I’m up here today, and your installer has done an absolutely amazing job. I’m beyond thrilled.

If you ever have clients who want a verbal reference please don’t hesitate to contact me.



The board sat this morning and approved the quote and the job.

We felt that the product was and is far superior to alternative products seen.



Installation was very professional. I have since been up on the roof and the product looks solid and attractive.

They went the extra yard by effecting small repairs to the tiled roof.



I have recently had GumLeaf gutter guard installed and I am extremely happy with the prompt, efficient and friendly service Rohan provided.

The installation is a very professional finish, low profile and barely noticeable.

I now look forward to less scary times up the ladder clearing the guttering and laying traps for the vermin that seem to think my attic is their winter retreat home.



Thanks for your efficiency of both the quoting process and completion of the job that was carried out and to a very high standard in a safe manner.

Thanks again and Be Safe and keep up the good work.


Adrian R.

Rohan from Gumleaf installed gutter guard on my two bedroom home last week. He was very professional to deal with, the quality of the product he supplied was very good as was his workmanship. As an added bonus he also cleaned the gutters and siliconed a few leaks too. I am very pleased with the finished job and would have no hesitation recommending Rohan and his services.

Adrian R.


Please contact us using the details below, we look forward to hearing from you.

Gutter Guard installers Southland and Otago


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Gutter Guard Installers Southland | Otago Regions

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Gutter Guard Installer Southland and Otago

Gutter Guard Installer Southland and Otago

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